Nurse Confession: I’ve Hated Nursing School

Hello! It is that time again! Another confession. For this post I want to confess that I hate nursing school…Keep reading if you are interested.

So I said it. I hate nursing school. This has been obvious in my other rant posts, but I really do abhore nursing education. I enjoy school, in fact I really enjoyed my prerequisites (read about that here), but all that changed when I started the nursing program. I’ve found that nursing education is laughable, actually laughable compared to other healthcare professions. After second-semester, I have always been embarrased to tell people I am in nursing school. The lectures are mediocre and our professors with their doctorates read off of mispelled Powerpoint slides and don’t know the difference between “affect” and “effect”. Even worse, some have simply pulled out a book and started reading to us. I’ve found many of my professors have a horrible understanding of basic anatomy/physiology. Yet they are proud to tout their phD’s over our heads. APA format grading is inconsistent (that is another rant for later).

Instructors push obtaining a Master’s degree in nursing so much. If you are teaching baccalaurete level courses, show students what they can do with their BSN. There are so many options, so do not degrade students who show no interest in becoming an NP. Not everyone wants to be an NP. Personally I feel PA is a better option because of the actual MEDICAL training… Even so, I plan on staying at the bedside as long as possible. Anyways, I have been miserable throughout my time completing this program as it was a joke. That’s what nursing school has been. A cruel joke full of people with small egos who just want to make something “hard” by being extremly nit-picky to feel superior. I spent my good years (16-20) pursuing this mess, and lately I have wondered “What if?”

I am just disgusted with my nursing program…


3 thoughts on “Nurse Confession: I’ve Hated Nursing School

  1. I’m, so sorry, Anna! I also hate nursing school, but for different reasons. I’m grateful to have (mostly) good professors who know their stuff, who will look into research articles for us and/or with us if they don’t know the answer to a specific question. About half concurrently are working nursing jobs, and they work hard to help us become the best nurses we can be. Of course there are issues, and I have a long list of complaints, but they are not to the extent of what you describe. Gosh, I’m glad you are going to be able to focus on bedside nursing and not on the politics of your program. Thank you for your honest writing.

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    1. That is awesome! I’m really glad to hear someone else’s experience. Even though I vented, there are some positives! I plan on sharing those soon. Nevertheless, I am grateful to have a spot and be finishing up the program! Thanks for reading Tina!

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