Retro Rant: Stop Bragging!

Hello everyone, before we start, this is a retro rant from earlier this semester that I found while digging around blog drafts. Enjoy!

Welcome to another confession about nursing school! Here we go: I cannot stand my classmates who brag about their GPAs.

I cannot stand the know-it-alls in my class who go around touting their high test scores and high GPAs. I honestly believe this information should be kept to ones self. Not once in any of my nursing interviews did a manager mention my GPA. The behavioral questions related to my extracurriculars. Not once did I have to mention my GPA.

Don’t get me wrong one should always try their best to obtain the best grades possible. However, just focus on learning the content and seek out more clinical experience. I’m just tired of my stuck-up classmates who don’t work and think their great grades make them the elitist of the class. When in fact I’ve noticed a good portion of these people are know it alls who talk down to others and carry that attitude into clinical. It just amazes me how these people let a little number blow their heads up and they forget that on the unit none of that matters. What matter is if you can put things together and think. So as for now I will continue to remind myself that my GPA does not define me instead it is my ability to communicate and care for patients I have a small foundation to build on once I begin nurse residency.

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