Graduation Day…

Well it is May 5th, I was supposed to walk today and I was supposed to be pinned as a nurse yesterday… Here are some thoughts on today.

Honestly, I am just over it. I just want to receive my diploma in the mail, take NCLEX and send in what I need to send in to prepare for my transfer date. My diploma frame and cap and gown are in a box behind my couch, which is so sad. 😞 Anyway… I still remember moving into my first college dorm room. I still remember all of my struggles and dark places during college. Living on a college campus when you look different is not easy. For those of you who do not know I only wear skirts for ‘religous’ convictions. I was constantly judged, picked on my professors, parents, and such. Being young, a minority and petite with a baby face, I felt and still feel pressure to prove my capability and worth.

There were some good aspects: prerequisite science courses, internship based in a medical school(freshman year), volunteering with my local Children’s hospital and nurse externship. I was inspired by so many instructors, especially my Spanish for Healthcare Professionals Instructor that was by far one of my favorite courses. I had so many “favorite classes from my first two year! I really wish I had the finances to minor in Spanish and study abroad… I will miss being a student as that is all I know, but once I start working as a nurse I’ll learn what I actually need to know. Overall, it was a boring, lonely journey that left me feeling unsettled…

I am in no mood to celebrate, I don’t even want to acknowledge this “accomplishment”. I feel bad my family cannot watch their first-born, first generation get pinned. I am sad that after years of saving and working to get my grandmother her Visa she cannot come due to the pandemic. I am the first to obtain an undergraduate degree in the U.S. and it would have been awesome to have that experience. I am disappointed in what my future looks like and I am unsettled… Nevertheless I am greatful!

I am twenty-years-old and DEBT-FREE! I am so greatful for all of my scholarship donors, mentor and my parents. This is an absolute blessing and has provided me the opportunity to begin my life with a ‘clean slate’.

Well, just like that an underwhelming undergraduate degree is over… I plan on sharing some more details about my last days in nursing school, but am holding off as I am still completing something connected with my nursing program. Once this is complete, I will share with you all what my BIGGEST mistake during nursing school was. I think it could be a learning experience.

Thanks for reading and thank you to those who have been following the journey since day one. I hope I have not scared anyone off! May the letdown effect commence! Also my blog turned three yesterday!! Yaayyyy!! Special congrats to my fellow nursing grads who have received their ATI green light too!



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