Why I Rejected A Sigma Theta Tau Membership

Hello everyone! Today’s post is short and sweet. I wanted to share my reasoning for rejecting an inviation into the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor society, a nursing honor society for ‘the academics’. Side note: I am appreciating the new look to the blog. I’ve been working on making this blog better!

Before we begin, let me explain a few things. I recieved an invitation to join my university’s joint chapter of this honor society back in February. Invitations are extended to the top 30% percent of the class, I am pretty sure I am top 10% (which does not matter), so I was expecting this invitation. Upon joining nursing school, I had planned on accepting the invitation once recieved. If anyone has been reading my blog for a while, you may have noticed my tone towards nursing education has become increasingly harsh. Which leads to my first reason for rejecting the application.

1. No Real Value.

I feel joining the nursing honor society does not pose immediate value to me. I already accepted a job position and I have not plans to further my education as an NP/CRNA. I actually reached out to the head of the chapter and asked about how active they are. Her response was “we fund the annual research symposium and usually attend 1-2 conferences” and directed me to the national website (That I had told her I already viewed). Pathetic. Just pathetic. If I were to join an organization like this I would expect to attend national/international conferences, be involved in the local community, etc.

I was also tired of being told how much of an “honor” it was to be invited. Literally every email or letter is just an attempt to stroke puffed up egos to dish out even moremoney. I was just looking for something more which is honestly a metaphor for my relationship with nursing right now…

2. The Cost.

Okay! We cannot forget the cost. Based on the email and letter invitation I received fees are $103.00. Ummm…

At the time, I had was already dishing out a lot of money for NCLEX registration and licensure fees. I also value my money, if I am to dish out this much I must see it as an investment. Honestly, I will not benefit from a STT membership. Maybe if my school’s chapter had more to offer, but no… Not to mention there are membership renwal feed each year.

3. Other Opportunities.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy reading the latest research articles, building connections, ursing membership discounts, etc. This honor society is not the only option. Since I am going to be an Emergency nurse, there are other organizations for Emergency nurses (Emergency Nurses Association). This will still give me all of the benefits and provide me with information that is directly relevant to me. I also plan on becoming certified in a few years, this organization would directly benefit this aspect of my nursing career. This will also open up doors within my department and will not only help me stand out, but help fuel my constant desire to learn more.

4. No Ties.

This sounds like a very mean, but I honestly did not want that many ties with my nursing program after this. I am sure with the new dean the school will improve but, I want to move on from them.

All in all, I just want to join something that has value for me. During highschool, I was a member of multipe honor societies and joined another in college. I feel like I’ve been there done that. In my experience honor societies have just been a cash grab. Do not let this deter you though, if this is your goal. Joining is a great goal to have and has a lot of benefits to take advantage of. Just sharing my thoughts.

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Why I Rejected A Sigma Theta Tau Membership

  1. I smiled to myself as I read your lime about “you may have noticed my tone has turned increasingly harsh towards nursing school..” Because when I first found your blog and read some of your posts, I’ll admit, I did judge you. 😄 But now that I am living my own nursing school and get more and more frustrated with the system, I understand.

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    1. I get that all the time especially from my peers. I’ve even been told nursing is not for me, but I cannot fake the funk. The system is very frustrating and dealing with that made me very bitter towards the education. I actually had a classmate who shared the same thought and she is brilliant so it made me feel a little better haha. Maybe one day nursing education can receive a much needed change. Thanks for reading!


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