Road to RN: My NCLEX-RN Experience

Hello everyone! For this post I would like to share my experience from my NCLEX-RN testing day! I tested on June 2, 2020 and took the “modified” NCLEX-RN due to the pandemic. Keep reading if you are interested!

The big day…

That was the time I was scheduled to take the exam. I woke up at 0930. I usually get ready pretty quick in the morning, but decided to force myself to take it slow. I ended up leaving my house around 1030 and arrived to the testing site around 1150. This gave me time to sit in the car and breath for fifteen minutes.

Rude testing center…

So I stumbled in with about three other nursing graduates into the testing center suite (with our masks on of course). We immediately were literally yelled at for not reading the sign on the door that asked us to wash our hands.

We went and washed our hands and then returned to be barked again to space out while giving her our names. We all laughed about it in the restroom and gave ourselves grace for being nervous. After checking in, we were asked to read a packet of rules concerning the exam. While doing that we waited until our number was called to scan our palms, lock up personal items in a locker, submit ID, etc. We did have to sit in chairs that were six feet apart and the palm scanner and surface areas were cleaned in between testers.

I’ll be honest the lady at the desk was driving me up the wall. Whenever I get ready to take a test I usually go into “game mode”. I don’t smile, I don’t joke, I just go. This helps me not feel too anxious. She kept trying to crack jokes and give me messages about “positive vibes”, which was irking me. I tried to remain polite, but I was not in a chatty mood.

The test.

So I finally got checked in and headed back to where the testing suite was. I had to scan my palms again and then was provided with some instructions and had to prove I had nothing on me or in my mouth. After this I sat down, completed the tutorial section and begun the test! I honestly think the test was a bit tougher than UWorld. Many of my questions felt like trick questions, which I think was a good sign. I took a little mental break around question thirty five and decided to doodle on my dry erase sheet. Yes, I doodle during tests.

My computer shut off at 60 questions! Thank God! I had 18 SATA questions, 1 put-in-order and 1 interactive out of 60 questions total. As far as content, I had a lot of leadership/managment and Peds questions, but everyone’s tests are different. Many of my questions were asking what statements the nurse should follow-up with, so very education-based. I believe UWorld prepared me for this, but I will do a UWorld review soon.

Overall, I have a pretty good feeling about this! The questions were tricky, but almost the same as UWorld. I felt calm during the test, but I honestly contribute that to lots of effort and prayers. As of now, I do plan on paying the $7.95 for the quick results, because I don’t want to celebrate on the Pearson Vue Trick.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Road to RN: My NCLEX-RN Experience

  1. Congratulations on finishing the exam! I’m not sure if your board of nursing does this, but I logged onto the website and checked my RN application and it told me I had passed the NCLEX and they were just waiting for my official transcripts. You might be able to find out without paying the fee. Regardless I am very happy for you! I also thought the NCLEX was harder than uworld, but so glad I paid for that study tool. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Girl! When will you know if you passed? I’m dying to know!
    On a different note, I just scheduled my NCLEX-PN exam for July. I have to take it after all. Apparently, the temporary license with out taking NCLEX was only for RNs not LPNs as we had been told. So now I need to figure out my study plan. 🙄

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    1. I find out June 4th! Aww man! I’m sorry! That would have been really nice to have a temp license. You still have more than enough time to study! Take a day off if you feel you need it and start with your weakest content areas. Keep calm, pray and study!! You’ve got this!


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