Taking A Break…

Hello everyone.

Quick post to say I am taking a break from posting on the blog for a while. I just need a moment. I had a little bit of a “breaking point” at work this week. Nothing extreme, just feeling a little down with ER Nurse Residency looming and feeling unhopeful about my future. Especially because I work in the ER where I will be working often.

My “virtual pinning ceremony” is tomorrow. I am tuning in just to be spiteful at this point. Haha… A pinning ceremony 58 days after our “graduation”. I am just weary…

I’ll still be working on posts in the background! That UWorld review is still happening and I am working on some other stuff (including potentially claiming the blog officially). For now I am just going to take this time to try and figure stuff out and enjoy being back in the gym.

Thanks to those of you who read…


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