These ideas do not reflect the ideas of the nursing program I went to. Nor do they reflect the opinions of other nursing students. These are my opinions shared with the hopes of improving the program.

Hello all! Today is a random post, but I thought it might be interesting. Here we go. So my nursing school sent us an exit survey so here is my free response I submitted. Brace yourselves… If you are sensitive or get offended easily this is your chance to exit. See ya next time!


“Overall, I am disappointed with the program. When looking for nursing programs to attend as a young high school graduate I was drawn to this campus because of the size and community feel. I also thought the program had a lot to offer as far as the simulation center. Sadly, I feel the school falsely advertised. I only spent a significant amount of time in the simulation center during the first semester. “

“When we did spend time in the simulation center, many of the simulators were broken or simply did not work. Working vials, simulators, etc. would have really enhanced my experience. For instance, the use of SimMom would have been perfect for simulating a birth in OB since those clinicals can be hit and miss and were few and far between for our cohort. The pediatric room could have been used to simulate dealing with difficult family members or a pediatric assessment with complications. A newborn care simulation as well as car seat education simulation would have been great compared to our “stations” in which we did not receive hands-on experience with that. “

“The community health simulation room could have been used to simulate comfort care/assessment of a hospice patient. As recommended before (and I hear the program will actually begin doing this), collaborating with theatre/drama students would be perfect for such simulations, especially psych.”

“Many students may not work in healthcare, but simply having that simulated experience would be helpful to fall back on. This is a technique I observed when interning with a nearby medical school and I noticed it seems to produce good results as far as communication skills and technique. A simulated med pass would also be useful, because we were told we would have the chance to use a simulated medication dispenser to withdraw medications from and would be presented with problems when administering medications. This is real-life and would have been great even as a first-semester Pharm student to just practice the six rights, etc.”

Part 2 is coming… Stay tuned!



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