How To Make the Dean’s List

Being a freshman in college can be a difficult transition, not just socially, but academically as well. Since I am heading into my second year of college, I decided to share my advice for making the Dean’s List.


1. Get organized.

My planner was my proverbial lifeline, during my freshman year. If you have not purchased a planner yet, make sure you snag one during your back-to-school shopping. Writing things down really helped me to stay on top of all my assignments.

2. Study.

I studied a lot. However, in order to study successfully, one cannot simply stare at their book/notes. Active studying is the key. Active study is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of trying to memorize start labeling, drawing out concepts on a dry erase board, using flashcards (Quizlet is the best), etc.

3. Ask for help.

Over the past couple of years, I have learned to let my pride down and ask for help. Many colleges/universities offer free tutoring services, SI sessions, etc. Make sure to utilize these, along with your professors’ office hours if you are struggling with a concept. Do not wait until the last minute to realize you do not understand half of the material. 

*Extra Tip: Do not skip tutoring/SI sessions because you are passing the course. Attend them anyway, it can never hurt to know the content very well. I did this and it really helped a lot. You would be surprised at how much you know. Repetition is key.

4.  Relax

This may sound a bit cliché, but if you are so uptight and focused on making Dean’s list, you may not preform as well as you could. If I constantly focused on being better than my peers who are also completing their pre-reqs, I could end up being a detriment to myself. I always say the only person I compete against is myself. Focus on just bettering yourself, and learning what you need to learn.

These helped me make it onto both the Chancellor’s and Dean’s lists during my freshman year. These tips will not work for everyone, but I hope these can help someone achieve their academic goals. Just remember grades are not everything, actually learning the content is everything (especially if you are a nursing major).


Thanks for reading,



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