Thoughtful Thursday: Finally 18…

Hello all! Today’s Thoughtful Thursday I will be reflecting on turning 18 years old. My birthday was yesterday, August 16th. I am not really a big birthday person when it comes to celebrating my birthday. For me I just do not feel like my birthday is that special.


It feels very strange to be 18. I feel no different (of course). I have also not grown 😆; I am a solid 5’1″ and my doctor said it looks like I’m not moving, and I still look like I’m 10, maybe 7. I do not really know how to feel to be honest. I am only happy because I can finally fill out my own papers without my parents signing them (being an early high school grad was a struggle). Having to bring papers back and forth on the weekends for my parents to sign was pretty annoying. Growing up I’ve heard so many teens (and still hear others), long for the day when they turn 18, I personally do not see the “big deal”.

Any-who (yes, I said any-who), I did not do anything to celebrate. As you all may know I am currently packing for my sophomore year of college, so that takes a tad bit of time.  I woke up to my semester calendar for pathophysiology and decided to  print that out, organize my binder and add all dates to my planner. My family gave me a card, which was very sweet and I continued on about my day. I made sure I was all organized for patho and later on I went to church!

One exciting thing did happen; I was accepted into a position as an ambassador for the internship program I was a student in for two years! You can read about my internship here. I did not have the best experience this year; however, the program has done so much for me and this was my way to give back. It is essentially a job, so Happy Birthday to me! I will write a blog post explaining more of my logic behind continuing to support the program later, once I do I will link it here.

That was yesterday, now today I will be going out with my sister and a friend from church just to grab food and hang out. This summer was fairly busy, and we did not have the opportunity to hang out more. So, later on this evening we will go grab some food to eat and do whatever else. I am a very flexible person, so we will see how this goes… I will update this post with some photos tomorrow!

Overall, I am very blessed and thankful to see 18 years of age in good health. I may not have everything I want, but I have what I need, so I am content.

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: Finally 18…

  1. Happy belated birthday to a fellow Leo! 😉 How exciting that you were accepted as an ambassador. I understand your struggle about looking 10. I’m 20 and was just asked if I was in MIDDLE SCHOOL the other day! It took me (and them) by surprise. Ha!

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