September 4-10 Weekly Spread

Hello all! As promised, I will be sharing my weekly spread from last week. I did write and schedule  this post yesterday(Sunday), because my classes are cancelled tomorrow due to Hurricane Irma. I am located in South Carolina, and where I am at we will be receiving heavy rain and wind. I do not know how the weather will be so I decide to prepare this post in advance.

Note: This post is in no way sponsored. Any links provided are resources that may be helpful for you. I am not receiving any benefits, nor am I working with any companies.


Weekly Spread

I am so sorry about the shadow in this photo, the weather has been so awful and the sun is not shining. Nevertheless, here is a general overview of the week. You can read about it here.


Monday through Friday, was busy as you can see. I have my first Chemistry and Pathophysiology exam next week, so I decided to begin studying two weeks out. Monday, I managed to complete a lower body day, but Thursday I was too weak from my cycle to go to the gym. 😢

I love using these quiz stickers to mark whenever I have a quiz due. My courses are color coded, so I love seeing that class’s color. For instance, purple is Patho, so I use the purple sticker for Patho!

Friday was very productive for me I felt very accomplished. After my two classes were done for the day,  I managed to catch up on my Patho studying which was really nice. I actually ended up being ahead two chapters; I have a bit more time to study Fluid & Electrolytes and ABG’s. If you have any tips on studying Fluid & Electrolytes, let me know!

Saturday was not productive at all. I had to attend a funeral so I was out and couldn’t really practice math problems. That is ok though since I can always practice Sunday night. Sometimes showing your support is more important.

Supplies Used:

  • Pilot G-2 Pen (0.38mm) — Staples
  • Ultra Fine Point Sharpie Markers — Staples
  • Gray X Thin Washi — Dollar Tree
  • Gray Sneaker Stickers — Etsy
  • Laundry Day Sticker — Etsy
  • Quiz Sicker — Etsy
  • Checklist Clear Stamp — Dollar Tree

That is all for this post!

Thanks for reading,


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