Nike Sportswear Modern Skirt—Review

Hello all! Toady I will be completing my first product review post on the Nike Sportswear Modern Skirt. I purchased this skirt for the gym about a month ago, so I decided to share this out there for any of my fellow modest ladies! Feel free to check out my workout fall routine here.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored all products mentioned here were purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own and are not endorsed. 


As some of you may know, I am a Christian and modest dresser. I have been trying to implement this into my blog posts, because it is a large part of who I am. If you are interested in my style you can always check out my Polyvore page.

Price (3/5)

I found this skirt on eBay and paid about $33.00 (free shipping) for it, after I purchased it the prices on different eBay vendors went down to about $25-$29 (many are free shipping). I thought this price was a bit steep for a skirt, but I really needed a workout skirt.

Fit (5/5)

As far as the fit, they fit me just fine. The skirt is about 25″ long. For reference I am 5’1″ and weigh about 140 lbs (looking at me you would never know). The skirt hits me about mid shin, which is perfect for me. I ordered a size medium, but next time I will make sure to order a small, because the medium waist is a little large, luckily the skirt has a drawstring which helps!

Quality (4/5)

My only disappointment with this skirt is that it is see through, so I ended up having to purchase something to go under them. The skirt is extremely comfortable and has pockets, which is a plus. The pockets are not extremely deep, but they are good enough to stick you hands in them. It is also flattering and does not make you look frumpy. After all, modest does not mean frumpy!

I like to incorporate a lot of plyometrics into my workout routine, and this skirt holds up perfectly! It never sticks to what I have to put under my skirt and allows unlimited movement. I have washed it multiple times and the color is fine; however, I only hang dry my skirt so I would recommend doing that to keep the quality of the skirt.

Overall, I would give this skirt a 4/5, my only issue was that the fabric was a bit thin. I really wish Nike would come up with a midi skort (thicker material of course), in the near future.  I do plan on purchasing another Nike skirt (not this one), which will be reviewed. If you have any more questions about this skirt let me know!

Thanks for reading!



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