How I Plan For Finals

Hello all! Well, its that time of the semester again. Finals are upon us! I recently began planning for finals and I am stressed! I decided to share my final exam planning method with you all. I have been using this method for years  since my honors and AP classes in middle and high school. I hope this can be useful to someone. Lets begin!


1.Grab syllabi/planner.

When first planning for finals, I will grab my planner, because before the semester begins I place all of my dates in there. You can see a bit about that here. I also grab my syllabi for each course, because it helps me see all what we covered for my cumulative finals.

2. Print monthly calendar sheet.

I then print out a monthly spread calendar and begin to fill it out based on my color  coded system for each course. The monthly calendar I printed out was from Student Nurse Jennifer.


3. Break up studying into weekly chunks.

Luckily I only have one final cumulative exam for this semester and its for my weakest class: chemistry. We had three exams this semester, so I plan to start studying three weeks out. Week 3 I will study Exam 1. Week 2 I will study Exam 2, and Week 1 I will study Exam 3, as well as the new content.

Studying three weeks out may seem excessive, but studying a past exam per week, will give me time to redo more practice problems and touch up on my weak points from the last exam.

That is how I plan for my final exams. As you can see I repeat this process for my other courses. It can be overwhelming studying for multiple exams at one time, but I try to break up my day into chunks to help.

I hope this will be a good resource for someone and help you stay organized for this finals season.

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