Semester Recap

Hello all! Its time for a Semester Recap! I will be doing these now every semester, because it is an easy way for new followers to catch up. There is a small Spanish portion in this post.


This semester, has been rough, I am going to be honest. I am not the biggest fans of my roommates. I am always cleaning up after them because they never keep up with our cleaning schedule, they are also super loud. I also almost failed a chemistry which you can read more about here, I had to cancel my study abroad trip to Nicaragua and had multiple family medical emergencies. I still can’t believe I applied to nursing school, little old me… Anyways here is a quick recap of this semester and where I am going from here. If you have any questions let me know!

  • Finals Season

This was definitely, the worst finals season I had so far. I think this may have been due to my struggles with chemistry during the semester, which left me a little unmotivated. I managed to push through my finals slump and ended up doing really well on my final. Overall, I managed to finish with a B in chemistry.

tacos-de-lenguaMy other classes went fine, I managed to get all As in all of them(Pathophysiology, Spanish for Healthcare Professionals II, Speech Lecture, & Speech Recitation), which is crazy because I worked really hard. One fun thing was that my Spanish final was not an exam at all! We went to an authentic Mexican restaurant a couple minutes from my school and just had to order in Spanish. I do this a lot in my home city, so that was awesome!

  • My Last Spanish Class/ Mi Ultima Clase de Español

Finishing this semester has been a little sad, because I finished my very last Spanish class for the rest of my life. This is crazy to say, but as far as a classroom environment, that is it. My professor told me my problem is vocabulary, so I am making it my mission to learn new words based on a different specialty in the hospital. Maybe I will share the new words I learn on here and practice using them. 😉 I am still nervous because I do not feel as confident in my ability with the Spanish language even after seven/eight years. My goal is to pass the bilingual employee exam when the time comes. I also would like to begin reading more books in Spanish.

Terminado este semestra estaba un poco triste porque terminé mi ultima clase de español (el español médico). Esta loca para decir, pero para ser en un ambiente de un clase, es todo.  Mi profesor dije que mi problema es vocabulario, entonces me voy a aprender palabras médicas nuevas para especialidades diferentes en el hospital. Tal vez me podria compartir palabras nuevas aquí y practicar. Aunque estaba hablando español para siete o ocho años, no tengo mucha confienza en mís abilidades con la idioma. Mi meta es a pasara el examen para los empleados que son bilingües. Quiero leer más en español tambíen.

  • Another Job?

Another update, in my life is that I applied for another job! As you all know I am currently working as a College Ambassador for my former internship program. I also applied for a Birthday Party Host position at a museum for children where I volunteer. This is a weekend job & my schedule next semester is REALLY nice, so I believe I will be able to manage it.

  • Hospital Volunteer

I am finally becoming an adult hospital volunteer! This took a long time (almost six months) to get processed, but I am so excited. I managed to apply while I was completing my internship program this summer which made the process fairly smooth. I also managed to get placed on a pediatric floor(!!). I may not have a lot or any patient contact, but I am more than happy to even do paperwork. Volunteering on a floor I am interested will give me an opportunity to observe a different floor’s dynamic.

How was your semester?



5 thoughts on “Semester Recap

  1. I totally understand the messy roommates thing! But towards the end of the semester I let it slide because we were all up to our necks in deadlines. Although I think I have to have words with my roommate (a DJ) who plays his music so loud non-stop. Can’t go another term with it!
    Intento hablar español con mi novio español pero no estoy confidente tampoco. ¡Estoy mejor leyendo y escribiendo!

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