Where Have I Been?

Hello everyone! Let me begin this post by apologizing for not keeping up with the blog. I am currently in Trinidad visiting family. This was my very first time flying and I just wanted to focus on that.

I do have Wi-Fi access in my current housing situation, but have not been very motivated to draft any posts. I am honestly struggling to enjoy this trip as it was meant to be a vacation. I am feeling guilty, because I forgot my review notes for Pathophysiology back in the States. I also was unable to bring my laptop as my AC adapter decided to stop working right before the trip (🙄). To top that off the new AC Adapter I ordered arrived at my home two days late and I was already in Miami, Florida. Whew!

You guys, it has been a rough trip for me so far. I know it sounds very ungrateful to say something like that, but there are a lot of things I have been going through on this trip. I am honestly discouraged to even keep saving for a study abroad experience. I will hopefully be posting more sooner (if I can). I have been here for two full weeks (out of a total of five) and have managed to get adjusted to living the country life in a foreign country.

I am sorry this is not the fanciest post, but I just wanted it to serve as a quick update.



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