3 Things I Appreciate After Living Abroad

Hello all! Thank you for being patient while I worked on the blog! Today I have a brand new blog post reflecting on my recent trip! Many people say that traveling abroad completely changed their lives. I cannot say the same. I grew up with parents originally from two separate countries who would always discuss their life experiences/struggles. Staying in my mother’s home country, just provided me with some first-hand experience.

For five weeks, I lived in the country and experienced poverty; how we, it was not difficult to adjust to as I thought. Visiting my Mom’s family in Trinidad, made me incredibly grateful for these three small things. Keep reading to find out what!

3 Things I Appreciate After Living Abroad


This may seem shallow for those of us in the first-world; however, I am ever so grateful for food now. Before coming to Trinidad I knew what it was like to be hungry, but now I got to experience that from another standpoint, by seeing how some people struggle to put food on the table. I also really appreciated spicy food. Everything there was spicy, everything, and I loved it! It was absolutely nostalgic for me!


Prior to this trip, I was already grateful to have a little vehicle, because before I had to take public transportation everywhere. My gratitude has doubled after experiencing public transport in Trinidad.

Having to take a taxi to the junction, then a bus to the city. It was exhausting, especially since the maxis like to blast American rap music, not to mention the roads are full of holes. Back home, I can just hop in the car and drive ten minutes to the grocery or the farmers market. In Trinidad the places were a good distance from home.


Running water (unless you don’t pay your bill) is such a luxury. While staying in Trinidad, the water was cut of twice (only a week apart too!). Luckily, houses there all have water tanks. Buckets and scoops became my best friend!

Since visiting Trinidad, I appreciate the smaller things in life more. What do you appreciate? Let me know in the comments!

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