Being 19 In Nursing School – The Truth

Hello everyone! This post is going to be another raw, open post. If there is anyone who actually reads my posts, you would know I began college on my seventeenth birthday and am now nineteen and in my first semester of nursing school (at the time of this post).

The Truth_ 19 In Nursing School


People act different when they find out.

Not all, but some who believe nursing school is some grand competition in which personal performance compared to your peers’ usurps nursing capability. People treat you fine until they start to ask questions about your age, then they ‘bristle-up’ and start to become defensive. This is really more common among the “non-traditional” (older students) and students in honors, etc. I don’t understand that, as I am not the youngest in my program, but whatever…

Patients can tell, but they may not say anything.

I dealt with mostly geriatric patients and they can tell (either that or they are purely confused by my baby face). When volunteering, I had a pediatric patient call out my age to my face (which was hilarious). I have not had a patient ask me yet, thank goodness, but your older/wiser patients can definitely tell.


People assume you are a prodigy.

I am far from a prodigy! There are so many nurses who became licensed at eighteen and who are just very bright. I am so tired of hearing “Well, you’re smart”. The fact is I am not, I have to work very hard to understand a concept, I am clumsy, I make silly mistakes, I am shyer than what people think I am and oftentimes I feel inferior.


Despite all of these things, I am on the same level as my peers. Whether we want to admit it or not, nursing school puts all students on a level playing field. We all are working towards the goal of passing the NCLEX. Nursing school is not a time to bring out petty drama (which happens anyway). Now is time to focus on building that baseline knowledge for yourself. I did enough competing during high-school to pay for college, I am over that. I will leave all competition to my peers.


How do you feel about this? Share your thoughts below…


4 thoughts on “Being 19 In Nursing School – The Truth

  1. Hello, I personally don’t see an issue with your age. We have quite a few people in my cohort who are 19. They are just as competent if not more than some of the older students in the cohort. I am 21, I have only had 2 patients ask my age because they thought I was really young. I can see why some people have hesitancy about it but I feel as though if I have not shown any falter in care then it should not matter my age. I am sure you are an amazing student and you are rocking your clinical. Don’t let anyone’s opinion of your age trip you up. You got this and we’re almost done with the semester πŸ˜€

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