Modest Dressing In Nursing School — The Truth

Hello all! Today I will be sharing my experience concerning modest dressing in college/nursing school.

The Truth About Wearing A Skirt In Nursing School



Everyone stares.

Yes, everyone will stare, some will gawk and some will not bite their tongue for a few seconds and scream “OhmyGodshesinaskirt!” to their friends. To be honest, this is something I have dealt with my entire life, but I have gotten better at handling it since being in college. Being bullied in middle and high school helped me develop thick skin.

People judge you immediately.

nursing_student_first_day_of_clinicalThis is not the best part, a lot of times people will simply look at my skirt instead of my face instead of speaking to my face. This is really annoying, but it is just the simple truth of life. My peers, professors, nurses during clinical and even patients during clinical notice the difference and sometimes forget there is no difference between the two of us. I can still save a life in a skirt.

You may not be taken seriously.

After making a hasty judgement about you, people will test you. I say, when they push, push back firmly and respectfully.

That is all I can think of! Are you a modest dresser? Share anything I forgot down below!



5 thoughts on “Modest Dressing In Nursing School — The Truth

    1. Hi there! My school does have a uniform; however, due to religious reasons, I had to get special permission to wear a skirt scrub bottom vs. a pants scrub bottom. For me, modesty is wearing a skirt rather than pants (a man’s garment). I decided to share this portion of my life on my blog because it affects my everyday life, especially now that I’m in nursing school. Thanks for reading!

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