3 More Nursing School Pet Peeves

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing three more of my nursing school pet peeves. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

Nursing School Pet Peeves Pt.2

Talkative students

Most of my classmates talk to much and it is embarrassing. Whenever we have a guest speaker or even our own professors, they never hush. Oh! Did I mention whiny classmates? In clinical I have some classmates who just whine, not about what they are doing, but just trying to defend themselves with our clinical instructor. Here is my take on that: You’re wrong, suck it up. You won’t get everything right. I also can’t stand when our clinical instructor tells a student hey set the bar high, it gets to their head and they walk around during clinical bossing everyone else around…

My family member is a nurse, so I know it all attitude.

Ah, yes! I am sure they exist in every nursing program. The one’s who think they already know everything, so they can scroll through Facebook, text their friends, and browse online boutiques all while taking in lecture. This is pretty scary when you think about it, because they will be taking care of someone’s loved one. Not to mention it is just rude…

Being underestimated.

I am a nineteen-year-old junior in college, not many of classmates know. They only know if they ask. Even if they don’t know, I do wear a skirt everyday and look like I’m ten and people tend to take advantage of that. If anyone is in school, you know the environment can become irritating. At this point, I’ve gotten tired of my classmates who brag all the time and think they know everything. When speaking to classmates, they cannot accept that I might be telling them something right and it takes a tech/CNA or a nurse to back me up. This is pretty frustrating at times…


2 thoughts on “3 More Nursing School Pet Peeves

  1. Family members that a nurses and are know it alls are the worst… I’ve been in a situation where I was the family member I shut up and acted like I didn’t know much. It wasn’t until my loved one sold me out did they know!

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