Nursing School Update: More Disappointment…

Hello everyone! I know I have been away for a while, but OB was kicking my behind… I decided to give you guys a quick school update! I have another big announcement to make, but I’ll be announcing that later…

Nursing School Update_ More Disappointment.png

Well guys, all I can say is thank God OB is over! I passed the class (not with flying colors, but it was a decent grade) and also passed my ATI Maternal Newborn Proctored Exam! I will be posting a couple of blog posts on advice for surviving a seven-week OB course and also a post on studying/taking the proctored exam for it (maybe).

Clinical was uneventful. 

Clinical was quite underwhelming. I did not see a single birth, circumcision or even touch a baby. In fact, on my Postpartum day, I ended up with overflow Med-Surg patients! That was pretty crazy; however, I did get to insert a Foley and hang Ampicillin…

I was miserable.

I really hate to complain and I am truly grateful to even be able to attend nursing school, but I really disliked OB. I simply do not enjoy staring at private parts all day during L&D, I didn’t enjoy the Maternal-Fetal clinic day and I was disappointed during Postpartum. I simply did not enjoy the content and that is okay!

Seven week courses are brutal.

My OB course was only seven weeks, which explains my absence from the blog. Seven week courses are brutal. The amount of content that is thrown at you during the seven weeks is overwhelming at times. Don’t worry! By the middle of the semester, you will start piecing content together, be patient!


I did terrible on my third Med-Surg test…

And….The disappointment continues…I bombed my third Med-Surg exam. This was the endocrine exam. I absolutely love endocrine, I studied efficiently, and I knew the content. I could break it down and explain each detail. Despite all of this, I did horrible. I have been crying all day…My feelings of inadequacy all rushed back and hearing how my classmates got As only made it worse. I still feel like I put so much in to only get no reward (grade-wise).  My frustration only grew when I went to office hours and discovered I  would have received a near perfect score if I did not change my answers.

Side note: I am so tired of straight-A students bragging about their grades…Just tired of it…

I decided to take action. During this test I was sitting beside a girl who was quite distracting. She was tapping the table muttering under her breath loudly and calling on Jesus every thirty seconds. This was my last straw; my program allows students to take their exams in the testing center, across campus. My instructor signed up me up, per my request, so I am praying my test grades can go up. I know that content you all, I promise I do…


Overall, the course content from OB was interesting, but definitely not for me! I am hoping for a better experience during Peds, especially since I believe Pediatrics is where I will end up one day. I am also hoping Med-Surg gets better… Sorry for so many negative posts lately, but I have been feeling very down and have been questioning if I am even smart enough…

4 thoughts on “Nursing School Update: More Disappointment…

  1. hugs! It’ll get better. You’re doing a great job at trying to find solutions to all the issues that keep popping up. I was stunned at what I ended up loving/detesting during my clinical rotations. It didn’t match up at all with what I’d thought I’d like or dislike!

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