My First Day of Pediatric Clinical

Hello everyone! Today I will be sharing a summary of my first day of Pediatric clinical. This post is short and sweet, because that is how my day was. If you are interested keep reading!

My First Day of Pediatric Clinical

For Pediatric clinical, we meet in the hospital lobby at 0700. I ended up waking up at five, just to allow myself some time to drag. I left my dorm around 0630 and was arrived and parked in the parking deck around 0645. After meeting in the lobby, we will typically head into the cafeteria and grab breakfast (if needed). Once we get to the floor, we begin the day with our clinical partner.

Our typical day in pediatric clinical consists of the following tasks:

  • Receive AM report from RN
  • AM vitals ( report to unit PCA)
  • AM quick assessment
  • AM meds
  • Cohort discussion [Clinical instructor uses this time to catch-up with everyone]
  • Play, assessment, PM meds, PM vitals (report to PCA and nurse)
  • Off the floor at 1200

Throughout this time, we are busy reading our patient’s charts and recording any information needed for our clinical report. We also will present this to our instructor. Overall, my first day of pediatric clinical was what I expected. I had a young toddler who was a screamer and fighter and to make matters worst had a very overprotective grandmother. This irritated me for a split second, but I was able to brush it off (That’s what happens when you work with children…). We also had some drama with a little baby’s mother. She went crazy on my clinical instructor because she asked one questions about a medication…

Sadly my clinical partner and I only had one patient instead of two, but I can’t complain! We only have one more hospital clinical day left in the semester, because the rest of our clinical days are pretty different. This week I will be working alongside a school nurse; that will be interesting. I am hoping to share some of that experience with you all!

That is how my first day of Pediatric clinical went! Does anyone remember their first day of Peds clinical? Leave any advice in the comments!



2 thoughts on “My First Day of Pediatric Clinical

  1. Please share more of your clinical experience. This was a very interesting read. I’d love to hear how you organize your physical assessments. Also, I want to hear more about your routine. When you look at charts, obviously you won’t have the time to look through everything, what are the key things you look at? I’d love to hear more about your clinical experience. 🙂

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