Nursing School Rant: I’m Tired of My Classmates

Hello! Welcome back to another nursing school rant. I think this is just what my blog has become at this stage of nursing school.


Nursing School Rant_ I'm Tired of My Classmates

Today we had our third pediatric test…I did bad on the first, much better on the second and well horrible on this third one. I was pretty angry with myself as it seems that this semester I have been putting forth so much effort and getting nothing back in return. I’ve posted about this before. I have reached an ultimate level of frustration, because I like to do well in everything that I do and this semester I have not been doing as well as I want. I am going through a lot this semester, as I have found myself a little bored wih nursing school. I am still studying and putting in the work, I am just unmotivated.

If anyone here actually reads my posts, you would know that I don’t really share my grades. My classmates get on my nerves to be honest…Anyway someone I am pretty cool with asked me how I did I told her I did poorly and that was that. Some other chick across the aisle goes “Is Peds what you want to do”? I said replied yes and she responds “Well then, Peds is not for you” That ENRAGED me, but I bit my tongue. This is the second classmate to tell me I should not go into pediatrics. If you read my blog, you know that I work with children and am pursuing a career in pediatrics.

I find it completely ignorant that this classmate has gotten such a big head because she can online shop and text friends during class and still ace everything and yet give her opinion on others’ futures. I also find it silly that she thinks tests dictate how well a nursing student will do if they land in their desired specialty. Nursing school classes only teach us a sliver of what we need to know. Dare I say, the tests mean nothing but a GPA, clinical performance is what matters. I may not be good at tests because of my nerves but I know I can put things together in clinical and can care for others to the best of my ability.

By the way, I had my clinical instructor tell me she thinks I would be a good fit in the PICU, which made my heart very happy…My main point is to ignore what other people say, these people only see me at school and don’t know who I really am.  I will be a competent nurse.



5 thoughts on “Nursing School Rant: I’m Tired of My Classmates

  1. Your tests scores are not the only thing that make you a good nurse. I have classmates who do great on test but don’t do as well with clinical and some who rock clinicals and not the test. Don’t get discouraged.

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    1. That’s true. Unfortunately, school only prepares us for the NCLEX, not the real world. I always try to remember that I will learn so much once I begin as a nurse. Thanks for reading!


  2. people will say so many things even things to discourage you, but pay no mind to them and focus on getting that degree and be the best peds nurse you can be – their opinion doesn’t matter and definitely does not define what you’re good at in the least. Do you, work hard and be a great nurse. You got this, girl! 🙂


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