Ranking My Nurse Externship Rotations

Hello everyone! I have officially completed my Nurse Extern program and am so sad it is over. I had a blast and was so grateful to be one of forty. I decided to share my “rankings” for my three rotations.


The three rotations I was assigned for the summer were: Medical Telemetry, Emergency Department and General Pediatrics. These were all what I requested. The Medical Telemetry may come as a shock for anyone who knows me, but each Extern was assigned a Med-Surg rotation. Emergency and Peds are clear interests for me. I spent a month in each rotations and spent a day per each rotation completing “enhancement days”. My enhancement days were as follows: Trauma Nurse Leader, EMS and Interventional Radiology. I will not be rating those as they were only a day. Let’s get to the ratings!


#3 Medical Telemetry

Do not get me wrong, I learned so much on Telemetry. I had my first code there and really received a plenty of skills practice. However, the unit made me feel a little depressed (speaking from past experience). I felt like my participating in patient care, I was enabling rather than helping, especially after seeing how many pills were pushed. I also felt like it was a lost cause, because people are not going to change their lifestyles… The nurse I worked with was great and allowed me to do everything, but she made a statement that disheartened me. She said “I don’t question orders or even think about them, I just do them”. That is not the way my mind works, as I am more curious and will try to put the pieces together (from my scope of practice of course). My Telemetry experience was alright, but is not for me. I have to give credit to nurses (especially new grads who work on these types of floors)…

#2 General Pediatrics

rankingnurseexternshiprotationsI know, I know! I can’t believe Peds was my second pick. I spent time on a Med-Surg peds floor and although I enjoyed working with the children and teaching their families, something was missing. I am not sure if I am meant to be a floor Peds nurse at this point in my life.  I completed so many tasks! I got a lot of IV Med practice, medication administration (the art of bribing😂), as well as finger sticks.




#1 ED

My second rotation was spent working in a small-town, country ER and I loved it. I enjoyed the small time atmosphere so much! The staff were absolutely amazing. I was especially surprised because the doctors and PAs actually acknowledged me and were very willing to teach and treat me as a member of the team. I also enjoyed the variety of patients. I had children up to geriatrics which was a great learning experience! I also loved how laid back the nurses were. They saved IV sticks and blood draws for me which was so sweet. I will say I completed the most skills here and had a blast doing so. I also have so many stories from this rotation (not to mention the others).


This blog post is a very brief summary of my externship. At this point I am about a month into my first semester of my senior year and I cannot be more grateful for the experience I had this summer. Being able to take care of different patients and deal with death, grief, drama, nursing politics, etc. has taught me so much! I am already amazed at how my thinking has developed into “nursing mode”. I was hoping that this experience would help me grow and it did. I can’t explain everything in words. I am just grateful. I would highly recommend an externship to any nursing student.


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2 thoughts on “Ranking My Nurse Externship Rotations

  1. Peds clinical killed me last term and I am now waiting 9 months to go back to nursing school and repeat that semester. I thought I wanted to do peds going into nursing school but now I want nothing to do with it. Ideally, I would like to do orthopedics one day in the rare event that I get a degree in nursing.

    Is your program 4 years in length? It sounds like you have had a lot of exposure to different placements already. Good luck with your nursing studies. Soon we’ll need to laminate our notes so our tears will roll off the papers on nights when we’re crying from the stress of nursing school exams. 😭😂

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    1. Don’t feel bad, that happened to a lot of my classmates! My program is a four year program (2 years of prerequisites and 2 years of the nursing program). However, I applied to and was accepted to a summer nurse Externship which is what this post is referring to. I am so grateful for the exposure that gave me!

      My tears started rolling as soon as the semester started! 😂😂🤷🏾‍♀️ Best wishes to you while you wait! You WILL become a nurse if it’s what you want. Keep going! Thanks for reading!


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