How I Am Staying Active During Quarantine

Hello all! Today I will be sharing how I have been staying in shape throughout this quarantine. Unfortunately, this seems to be the new reality for a while and I wanted to share what I have been doing.

1) Exercising!

Even though the gym is closed, I am still making an effort to complete home workouts. At the moment, I am currently completing this kettlebell circuit program from Muscle & Strength. You only need one kettlebell which works out very well. I will probably run this program as long as I am working out from home.

Side note: I did manage to get my hands on some reasonably-priced weights and had a couple of resistance bands lying around from my trip to Trinidad. I will share what I have as well as the costs in an upcoming post!

2) Meal Prep

Yes, I still meal prep! This has helped me create a sense of normalcy. I try to make balanced meals and have balanced snacks throughout the day to help me stay energized. I will admit that the past few weeks have been spent sitting at my laptop for 10+ hours, so I try to be mindful, but not restrictive.

Pan grilled thin-cut chicken breast, baby potatoes & asparagus

3) Stretching/Foam Rolling

Sitting at my laptop at home for hours and hours completing a virtual senior practicum has been pretty rough on my body. I will admit, my knees have been very achy, not to mention my fingers. I am usually always on the go and my body knows it! I have been making an effort to use my lacrosse ball and foam roller often. This helps me relax.

How are you staying active or coping during this time? I am hoping to get back into more artsy-hobbies once I complete all of my school requirements.

That is all I have for this blog post. Short and sweet! Thanks for reading!



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