Hello all. For this post, I wanted to share my international travel must-haves. These have all saved me a time or two and I wanted you all to know! Keep reading if you are interested!

Packing for international travel can be a daunting task. Before each trip I always like to make a list of clothing items to pack. Once that is done, I make sure I carry these few things.


This is by far my most important essential. Get your passport, visa, immunizations figured out as early as possible. I also suggest making and packing a copy of your passport, immunizations, identification card and e-ticket/itinerary.


Another essential I MUST PACK include first aid items as well as medications. In everyday life, I rarely use medicaton aside from an antihistamine for allergies. Traveling changes this though, because you I may not have convenient access to stores at all times. It also helps that I am a nurse, so I am have a general idea of what I may need. Here are two lists of things I like to pack with brief explanations.

  • Band-aids
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito Repellant
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Gatorade Packets
  • Emergen-C Packets
  • Ibuprofen [headache, cramps…]
  • Loperamide [Traveler’s diarrhea]
  • Lactase Pills [lactose-intolerant help]
  • Motion Sickness Medication [for long, bumpy rides]
  • Antihistamine [allergic to dust/dander]
  • Expectorant [help remove mucus]
  • Multi-Vitamin


Having a charger is very important for travel. A chargeable phone case or power bank with multiple ports is a fantastic idea. I would also suggest a travel adapter as a safe measure.


Anyone that knows me knows I am serious when it comes to snacks. Each time I have traveled overseas, I have packed a solid amount of snacks. These serve as a small reminder of home and were pretty great to share with family.


This may seem obvious, but give me chance. Having cash that is not in one place is essential. Hide some cash in a couple of different places aside from your wallet in cash of emergencies.

Those are the immediate essentials that come to my mind for international travel. Stay tuned for more content and exciting changes!

Thanks for reading,


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